World Book Day

World Book Day is an annual event which takes place on the 7th of March. This day is dedicated to encourage people to get engaged with books and to promote not only reading but writing and publishing. To mark this day, Young Readers Library Team visited the LEA Kado primary school.  With the support of some parents, we donated some books.

The book reading session featured “Dora and the Bullies” a book written by our 10 year old young writer, Hafsah Abdurrahman. This sparked an interest in the children to write their own stories and poems.

While emphasizing the need and importance of reading books, we also touched on some salient issues which the children shared with us. Such as bullying, inability to read e.t.c

It was also determined that this day would be good for encouraging everyone to read and enjoy the pleasures that go along with it.

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