Dear Parents/Caregivers,


The Young Readers Library invites you to participate in our 100 Books Challenge for children ages 4 and above. The goal of this challenge is to foster a love for reading as well as help the children develop the necessary skill to become independent Readers and learners.


How it works

100 Books Challenge requires parents and caregivers to commit their children to reading 100 books within a time frame of three (3) months. The children can read any of their own story books, borrow from friends or borrow from the Young Readers Library.

For busy parents, the children can also read within the library as we have competent staff available to provide support to the children.

For children unable to read, parents or caregivers can read to the children. Participants are required to keep a log of their reading using the Young Readers Library Journals. The journals will be inspected once the child has completed the challenge by a Young Readers Library staff. This is to enable us ensure that the child has indeed read the book and benefited from the reading.

Books can be re-read but, when this is done, they must also be re-logged into the journal.

Note: The journals can be purchased at,

The Young Readers Library

47, Ahmed Joda Crescent

Off Abdulrahman Mora Street,

Kado Estate, Abuja.



At the end of this challenge, the children would have improved in their reading, comprehension, vocabulary, creativity and spelling among other skills.

Rewards are given to children who complete in this challenge. Children who are unable to complete the challenge but exceed 50 books will also be rewarded. Upon completing the challenge, children will receive a certificate, a discount on any of our programs and will have their photo placed on our Wall of Fame.


To Participate,

  1. Complete the 100 Book Challenge Registration form. This can be downloaded on our website: or picked up at the library.
  2. Purchase the Young Readers Library Reading and Vocabulary Journals.



This challenge opens on February 1st, 2018 and ends April 30th, 2018. For more information or to register you can contact the library at 07064362025, or visit the library or our email: