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Book & Creative Writing

Your child is will learn to read above grade level, comprehend, increase in vocabulary and write for a global audience


We organize diverse competitions which challenges children to be the best they can be


We publish children’s stories, poems and arts in our anthology.

After School & Enrichment Program

Our unique program is designed to inspire excellence in Children through our special literacy curriculum.

Vocabulary Workshops

A rich vocabulary enhances a child’s comprehension and writing style. Our workshop is specially designed to improve Children’s vocabulary

Book Loan

Registered members enjoy the benefit of borrowing books at an affordable rate.

Why Young Readers Library

Young Readers Library  is a platform created to provide access to quality books, promote reading and creative writing and help children develop life skills.
The interest in reading for pleasure, writing and creativity among children has greatly reduced. Today, children spend more of their time on electronic tablets, smart phones and video games. At Young Readers Library, we believe that creativity and imagination are natural gifts of childhood, which is why we encourage our children to read and create daily, journal and enter into our competitions. Reading and Writing keeps children creative!
Both reading and writing build a foundation for children to become leaders among their peers. Through our competitions and programs, our children are encouraged to read, write, create and become positive role models.

Our On-going Program

In this section, you will find all our ongoing programs for the Library. We always have one activity for the kids all year round.

We organize competitions among schools and different individuals. Several Schools enter into the contest, and this has been a great benefit to the kids.

The number of children reading for pleasure is gradually reducing as children now turn to only cartoons and games for pleasure.

For the children who read, are they taking advantage of all the skills they can develop from reading?

PARENT CONNECT is a forum for parents with children ages 2-10 to discuss the purpose of reading, challenges, successes and solutions to raising children who read for pleasure and purpose.

By attending this event, you will be partnering with the Young Readers Library to build a community of children who read with pleasure and for purpose.

Don’t miss out!

Parents are encouraged to come along with their children. There will be free book reading within that time only.


Venue: Young Readers Library
47 Ahmed Joda Crescent
Off Abdulrahman Mora Street
Kado Estate

For more information, call:07064362025.

Your understanding of what you read and hear is to a very large degree determined by your vocabulary, so improve your vocabulary daily……Zig Ziglar

To help our children improve their spelling and build their vocabulary, Young Readers Library present the March edition of our Spelling and Vocabulary Bee

Children will get to learn and compete for prizes.


Venue: Young Readers Library
47 Ahmed Joda Crescent
Off Abdulrahman Mora Street
Kado Estate

Pre-registration is required.

For more information or to register, call 07064362025

Every Saturday, the children gather to discuss about different books and engage in creative writing and art. Our activities are designed to improve the child’s comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, writing, critical thinking and creativity among other skills

After School Club

Our after school program runs Monday – Friday by 2- 5pm.

Our activities include:

Language (French and Russian)


Reading and Creative Writing

Home Work Support



and Lots more.


Our after school program is designed to enable children excel academically and learn life skills.

Our Results Speak for themsleves!

The kids who have been actively participating in theses competitions have shown great improvements in their various schools to the amazement of their teachers and parents

Voted OUTSTANDING by our parents

What The Parents Say

Your Children

The success of your child is our topmost priority. We constantly research and test ways in which your child can be the leaders they truly are.

Skills developed:

  • Empathy
  • social skills
  • Excellence
  • Creativity
  • Fluency and much more


Our programs brings out the creative side of your child

Reading Achievement

Our program enables the children develop skills such as fluency, improved comprehension, vocabulary and grammar, critical thinking skills among others.

Social skills

Children who visit the library, have advanced social skills.

We give priorities to your children’s reading achievements and creativity


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